Butterfly Illustration

vector butterfly

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“Butterfly Illustration” - A simple vector Illustration of butterfly, with floral ornament, natural like leaves, flowers. Mash background decorated with lines and circuses.

Size: 1 mb
License: Attribution-Share Alike (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/) You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share it without backlink or sell it on stock sites as your own.
Homepage: Butterfly
Download vector butterfly picture for free: Rapidshare link , DepositFiles link, MediaFire link

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  1. Hasse Sundqvist Says:


  2. Jeff Powers Says:

    Thanks everyone for the great insight and post here.Its great when everyone can share ideas and expirence with others and when it makes a differnce as well.i will be making a contribution here as well.thanks

  3. Aftab Says:

    I like your website top frame… really i will die for this… !!
    i am a web designer and like creative things….. good job.. keep doing it !

    I am going to use your butterfly for some job… hope you dont mind it!


  4. Vector Lady Says:

    Thank you for good words. Sure you can use it for all you want! =)

  5. Magnifique Says:

    hey..i love this art.. and i would love to learn how to do this
    with what kind of programm do you make these things? and how can you learn it?
    i would love to hear from you

  6. Vector Lady Says:

    Soft is Adobe Illustrator, To learn in jujst google - Adobe Illustrator tutorials

  7. street lamps Says:


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