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floral elements

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“Floral Primitives” - Set based on Floral Custom Shapes I transferred shapes into EPS format + add more elements and make some classification. It includes all possible floral elements: flowers, foliage, leafs, branches, lines, curl, curves, swirls, realistic plants and trees. Bonus shapes: butterfly, crowns, crowns, dolphins, stars, hearts, snowflakes.

Size: 4,7 mb
License: Attribution-Share Alike (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/) You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share it without back link or sell it on stock sites as your own.

Download floral primitives



  1. James Hooey Says:

    Hi Ann,

    I think your vector art is really good and a lot of work has been put into it. I wanted to ask for more definition of your user agreement. You specifically state that you cannot use your floral primitives sold on stock sites as my own. Would this also exclude creating a larger more complex derivative flourish in illustrator, animating it in After Effects and rendering it out as a video format….and then selling that video clip on a stock video site?

    In my above example the original vectors cannot be simply reverse engineered and are not sold as vectors but rather rendered video files.

    If this is not appropriate use, do you offer your vectors for sale with this usage covered in some sort of End User License Agreement?

    Thanks for the great inspiration and hard work!
    James Hooey

  2. Vector Lady Says:

    Yes you can use it for creation video for stock sites

  3. Steve Says:

    Hi ya,
    Just a short message…
    Love your designs and the time and effect you have put into your website… nice work! :O)
    i’m a London based Graphic Designer and some of the links i’ve also had from your site have been very

    Keep up the good work VL


  4. Vector Lady Says:

    Steve, thank you for your good words! =)

  5. cbaby Says:

    Thanks for the brushes. New to all this photoshop stuff and just trying to get some good information.

  6. kibabu Says:

    You really are an excellent artist, great work. In addition to the first question about the user agreement: is use in my own (non-video) illustrations allowed if I want to sell it on stock sites?

  7. Massiel Says:

    Congratulations!! very very thanks

  8. colourmefunky Says:

    thanks VL i loves your page girl if you need any vectors let me know i have so so much would love to share or even post them here

    thanks V-L vector love

  9. Guil Says:

    Your job is wonderful! Thanks to share your talent!


  10. Loba Says:

    could you export that file to an .svg in order to open it with Inkscape??

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Dark Lord Says:

    Loba, search internet, there must be a lot of online convertors

  12. Loba Says:

    Dark Lord, thats what I’ve done already, but I could not use the .svg file which i got. Sorry!

  13. Loba Says:

    Oh, I got it now! Thanks!

  14. TG Says:

    I create vinyl wall decals. Is it ok use these elements to create designs and sell online.
    Thanks for your reply.

  15. Heerko Groefsema Says:

    Hi Ann,

    Those florals are great! I would like to thank you very much for providing them for free!



  16. Phil Says:

    I always searched exactly those floral elements… SO MANY THANKS !!!


  17. sercho Says:

    i lov u!!!! ^^ thx

  18. Bernat Font Says:

    Really good and helpful job, I will add a link to this site in my blog for sure…
    I’m still trying to find some time to create a true website, and I want it to be as useful as this has been for me. Nice to see that there’s still someone alive in this mess!

    Thanks a lot, enjoy creating!

  19. Vector Lady Says:

    Thank you for all positive comment =)

  20. Ganka Says:

    your work here is amazing!
    I wanted to ask you can I use parts of your florals to create my own floral brushes and sell them? It will help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

  21. Ramzes Says:

    Очень красивый и удобный сайт, отдохновение души! Я был очень удивлен, что это сделала моя соотечественница…

  22. Vector Lady Says:

    to Ganks

    Sure you can use it!

  23. Ganka Says:

    Thank you very very much! *bow*

  24. CaraCarina Says:

    Thanks so much for this - these shapes are awesome!!!!
    Love and kisses to you!!! :D

  25. ketty Says:

    your work here is fantastic!
    but, please, can you tell to me how I can use it? where I have to save?
    I open it in PS, but the images are too small to use it. they are vectors, so I thought I could use them in Illustration program. but how them?

  26. Vector Lady Says:

    you need Vector Editor, for example Adobe Illustrator… or look at all-silhouettes.com there are lots of floral shapes available in CSH - Photoshop Vector Custom Shapes

  27. Jacob Says:

    VL, your work is amazing, I love it all. I simply can’t believe that you’d be so generous to let everyone who wants to use your beautiful work for free, for commercial use even. I have to ask…why so generous with this wonderful art?

  28. Sean Says:

    You are a true lady, I have been looking for something like this for too long! Three Cheers for you!

  29. gc Says:

    nice……….i’ll probably make floral vines with them and give them away as freebies…..thats ok right?

  30. ovanda Says:

    ty very much love u

  31. kath Says:

    Hi - Really beautiful shaps. How do I back-link to your designs?

  32. Becky Says:

    Is there any chance the Floral Primitives file will be available again? The links say the file is no longer available.

  33. mar Says:

    thank you beautiful Anna for the sexy vectors. love from germany.

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