Natural Like Leaves & Bushes

download vector leaves was created to share with everyone trendy vector files (unique & quality illustrations). I'm drawing and sharing the most popular graphics freebies: backgrounds, icons, floral ornaments, grunge elements, heraldry, people silhouettes, printable template and others. Have fun!

vector images “Natural leaves, bushes and flowers” - 70+ various leaves silhouettes. Most of them was traced from real photos and then edited by hands.

vector files Size: 3,5 mb
free vector License: Attribution-ShareAlike ( You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share it without backlink or sell it on stock sites as your own.
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  1. Joanne Rose-Gibbs Says:

    Hi Vector Lady!

    How do I download the vector graphics from your site?

  2. Vector Lady Says:

    there are download links under each post

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