Sexy Fashion Models

download free sexy fashion girls was created to share with everyone trendy vector files (unique & quality illustrations). I'm drawing and sharing the most popular graphics freebies: backgrounds, icons, floral ornaments, grunge elements, heraldry, people silhouettes, printable template and others. Have fun!

vector images “Sexy Fashion Models” - 56 vector silhouettes of sexy fashion ladies. HQ girl’s outlines will help you to create eye catching illustrations in few minutes. This set includes both AI (Adobe Illustrator) and CSH (Photoshop CS Custom Shapes) versions.

vector files Size: 0,4 mb
free vector License: Attribution-ShareAlike ( You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. You are not allowed to share this set as is. You can share about 30% of its silhouettes with backlinks to and to set’s homepage.
vector images Homepage: sexy fashion models

Download free vector silhouettes of sexy fashion models



  1. Lola Says:

    I loved the website and all the illustrations, I’ve been trying to download them as plug ins for photoshop
    but I didn’t know how to because my software is macintosh, I would appreciate ur reply.
    Thank u

  2. mario Says:

    hola GRACIAS ! THANKS! from Argentina

  3. looca rooy Says:

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  4. ed hardy Jeans Says:

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  7. amexi Says:

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  8. Metin2 yang Says:

    Very nice!

  9. KyroLynn Says:

    Where did the lady with hat come from and how do you download it?

  10. Vector Lady Says:

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  12. ehmpee Says:

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  14. All Vectors Says:

    Great silhouettes. I’ve been looking for something like that for quite a long time.
    By the way, that’s the first time I visit this gallery. I love the design (header especially). Good luck :)

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